About US

Who we are?

  • MASSIVE DYNAMICX is a software business resolutions company specializing in online solutions, IT management, IT development and online marketing. In addition, we are dedicated to mobile advancement, ERP solutions and web expansion.


  • We are committed to establishing strong bonds with our clients, facilitating them in finding the best solutions to their individual IT requirements and helping them to achieve their marketing goals.


  • Our core services include Mobile App Solutions and ERP Solutions.

At MASSIVE  DYNAMICX we are proud to be trusted and valued by our clients for the high quality of our services and consistently effective results.

We can help you to take a fresh and creative look at market sectors and develop productive strategies. We can assist you in both online and offline marketing by developing and expanding your custom tool base.

We have successfully Developed, Integrated and Delivered Systems to Clients, all over the world including major groups in the Middle East.

our successful accomplishments are based on four (4) corporate strengths.

1. Partnership based of Trust
2. Dedication to deliver on Commitments
3. Focused Industry Expertise
4. Linking People, Processes, Organizations and Technologies

Our Vision

To be the front-runner in our field and the pre-eminent provider of business and IT solutions to a global clientele.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our exceptional expertise to lead the way in the field of Business/IT using the best blend of technology, practicality and aesthetics. We aim to provide our clients with advanced solutions at the cutting edge of the market.

Our Approach

Although Massive DynamicX maintains highly professional systems and processes, the company has built a reputation around its flexible approach, responsiveness and innovative client-centric solutions. We are and always will be true to our mission